The transport sector is intensely involved in passanger and goods traffic via roads, ports, railways and airports. Reliable energy supply is an essential factor in this sector and every power outage costs money. Just think of airports where flights can no longer land or take off due to power failures. Apart from the delays incurred and the resulting costs, stranded passangers can also claim damages that can quickly reach several millions.

SDM-Elektro has developed a revolutionary system to deal with and correct these problems, called the UPD (Universal Power Driver). The UPD is a modular system that can be adapted to your wishes and needs. The basic version, UPD-V, captures grid fluctuations on the voltage side and corrects the power factor. This UPD-V can also be expanded with a frequency converter, energy storage capacity or with all other UPS functionalities.

This revolutionary system reduces your energy costs, optimizes your production capacity and guarantees continuity and high operational  efficiency even in the event of a complete power failure. Our expertise can help you in your search for the most optimal solution.

More information about the different variants, technical characteristics and corresponding benefits can be found here.


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