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Grid Energy Storage Solutions

The electric power grid undergoes transformation and the ability to use electricity 'on demand' decreases. The importance of making optimal use of renewable energy sources has been a general trend and energy storage is becoming an integral part of it, ensuring reliability, resiliency and efficiency.

Due to the unsteady supply of wind and sun, there is a need for stable buffers to store temporarily the surplus production of these renewable energy sources, which can be used during electricity shortages or black-outs.

SDM-Group adequately respond to this fast evolution and can boast many years of experience in the field of energy optimization. To illustrate this, SDM-Elektro, part of SDM-Group, have designed the UPD (Universal Power Driver). This device guarantees a continuous frequency, even when production is different from consumption. A reliable, sustainable and efficient battery storage solution temporarily captures the overproduction. It can be used as an independent energy source or in combination with other energy sources to increase capacity. In addition, the lithium-ion batteries have a longer life, they support particularly good frequency load and discharge, they are protected against under and overvoltage and short-circuiting, nor do they heat up.

The UPD-F with Battery Electric Storage System (BESS) is the best option for longterm storage and the device has an efficiency ratio of no less than 99%.

Project Management from start to finish

Determining what is right for your installation is not that easy. Our engineers can assist you with putting together a business case and a tailor-made technical analysis. Our goal is to find the most efficient solution for each application.

Years of proven grid integration guarantees a highly qualitative, on-budget and safe project implementation, from contract execution through to project completion.

But our services stretches even further. We offer training sessions for your technical staff in addition to the standard warranties, a range of extended service plans and quality guarantees are available to ensure a reliable manufacturing process.





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